Case Studies

Our Approach based on thirty years of studying The Toyota Way:

We start by capitalizing on our unprecedented 30 year association with Toyota to gain a profound understanding of the Toyota Way and Lean principles.

We then rigorously analyze and distill the essence of the Toyota Way into our Lean approach through the academic process – part of our long association with the University of Michigan, the leading public research university in the United States.

We cross check this with an unmatched network of collaborators and resources in academia and industry – individuals with a profound knowledge of Lean and the Toyota Way.

We learn by doing – With over fifteen years of engagements we learn and kaizen our approach through working with real enterprises in real situations. We continuously improve our practical, hands-on approach to implementing Lean, consistent with the Toyota Way, for manufacturing, services, and product development as well as other processes in a wide variety of industries from nuclear submarine repair and overhaul to iron ore mining in Australia, to nuclear fuel rod manufacturing and assembly, to power utilities, and much more.

We work based on an established philosophy – We base the philosophy on The Toyota Way which begins with a foundation of long-term thinking focused on a clear purpose, and then work on improving people by improving processes through a disciplined problem solving process based on PDCA.  Solutions are not “implemented,” but rather problems are solved.

Finally, our ultimate objective is to partner with you to holistically transform your enterprise to Lean.  We use the approach we learned from Toyota sensei (master teachers).  We guide, challenge, and coach you to reach for your vision, through education and development of people.  The long-term goal is a culture of respect for people and continuous improvement.

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