Ed KemmerlingSenior Lean Transformation Expert

areas of expertise
  • 25+ years of manufacturing leadership
  • Creator of Lean Rapid Plant assessment
  • Lean Leadership Trainer & Coach

Ed Kemmerling has over 25 years of manufacturing leadership experience, and over 15 years of lean transformation experience. He has led and implemented Lean Six Sigma System transformation activities since 1996. In his role at Liker Lean Advisor, Ed has been very successful in driving change and results at a number of facilities. At Caterpillar’s Aurora Facility, he developed a process that engaged the entire workforce in the Caterpillar Production System. He mentored Black Belts and Master Black Belts at the location. The result was a 35% improvement in productivity in less than one year. He has also implemented lean systems at two different furniture warehousing facilities that resulted in annual savings in excess of $200,000.

Ed has designed and delivered leadership training to many organizations. He has also coached many leadership teams on the transformation to a lean culture at all levels. He has implemented quick response systems and best practices systems to improve business results. In addition, he has developed a well-proven rapid plant assessment to assist companies to effectively guide their lean transformations. Ed has also coached the achievement of the Shingo Prize at multiple locations.

In his management roles at the Ford Motor Company, Ed transformed a plant with inferior quality performance to an award-winning quality system in less than two years (Ford’s Total Quality Excellence Award). He was then responsible for the monitoring and alignment of Ford Production System (FPS) Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing implementation at more than 40 Ford facilities worldwide.

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